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Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:52 pm
by Kersare
As usual, use this thread to discuss the mission.

I'm going to put some initial basic info here for reference and any of us can reply to the thread to add additional info. This will give us a place to check on any details.

Torva IV Colony
*Colony Governor/Administrator: Brenal Savin (El-Aurian male) - played by Kersare
*Colony Lieutenant Governor: Kala Eteke (Betazoid female) - played by Kersare (could be someone else)
*Colony Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Torik (Vulcan male?) - played by Tournneau
*Colony Governor's Aide: Colin Dirth (Human male) - played by Quinn
*Colony Doctor: ??? - OPEN
*Colony Chief of Security: Lieutenant Commander Luka Volkov - played by T'Koll
*Colony Chief Scientist: ??? - OPEN
*More to be added as needed

*To be added

The main part of the colony is in a valley (a major valley - it's at least several miles wide). There are low mountains, hills, forests, and plains. There's a major river running through the valley as well.

The planet overall has a wide variety - jungle, desert, oceans, etc as well as what's around the colony itself.

The colony uses two different calendars - the standard StarFleet/Earth calendar (to help coordinate with the Federation) as well as one unique to Torva IV. On Torva IV there are 548 days in a year (18 months). For four months, the area they live in experience significantly shorter periods of daylight. There's also a period of turbulent storms.


Plants, etc



I'll update the above with more information as we create it.

Note: For this mission, my plan is to leave it largely open-ended. I do have one main plot twist that I want to add in, but how we react, what the actual "solution" is, etc we'll make up together. The mission will be fairly routine at first. If there is some kind of sub-plot or twist you'd like to add, please run it by me so I'm aware, just in case it affects something I had in mind (though my aim is to just see where we go with it).

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:29 pm
by Tournneau
Sounds good - I've put in the JP that their computer and power systems have been affected by the storms, and that there was also some flood damage done. Let me know if that is in the right direction as far as the immediate problem.

Proposed solution - replicate necessary spares; send engineering and damage control to the surface to effect an installation of new systems. Also help to repair damaged structures.

Medical - treat symptoms of long term stress in the colony; re-initialize sophisticated medical equipment once the main computer is repaired.

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:58 pm
by Kersare
Yep, that works for now. :) Like I said, I do have a twist to throw into the plot, but I'm trying to hold off on saying anything for now... We don't have a large OOC crew, so I thought for this one I'd keep it to myself and let it be a surprise for everyone.

If some people want to come up with some other basics, let me know.

-I'll play the Colony Governor for the time being, but if you want to come up with an NPC for the colony (especially someone we'd be coordinating with) feel free...I can add a name (rank if needed), gender, species, maybe a brief physical description and brief personality description to the original post (OP) here.

-Feel free to make up some wildlife, plants, more about the planet... be inspired by a movie, episode, book, your imagination. As long as it's within some form of reason, we can add it.

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 5:21 pm
by Kersare
Notes about what's been found/rumored:

-Creatures of air, water, earth (maybe other elements too?) come alive. Possibly woke "something" up after arrival (Science dept)

-People disappear and come back with white eyes (Science dept, differing accounts noted)

-Supply crew says colonists were on edge, anxious, nervous, paranoid (Intel dept)

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:43 am
by Kersare
Away Team upon arrival:

Lt Myka Turren (PNPC of Kersare) - Intel (being transported off outside the colony)
Lt Cmdr Fala Awen (PNPC of Kersare) - Sec/Tac
Lt Derek Greyman (PNPC of Kersare)??? - Sec/Tac
?? - Sec/Tac
?? - Sec/Tac
Ens Saoirse Quinn - FC
Lt Cmdr Korath - XO
Lt Cmdr Derek Tournneau - CEO/2XO
Lt Viradia Beladd (PNPC of Tournneau) - Engr
?? - Engr/Ops
?? - Engr/Ops
Lt JG Toren (PNPC of Tournneau) - CMO
?? - Med

Note: We're going on a Delta Flyer Runabout, which probably has room for around 10 people?? So we'll probably have to cut out a few of the NPCs. Maybe just go with 2 Security, Myka, Saoirse, Korath, Tournneau, Toren, and 1-2 more engineers to start? Gives us a bit more room.

We can edit this if we want/need.

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:37 pm
by Tournneau
Add Lt. Beladd to the party, please

Also, from what I understood there were some larger objects that were replicated to repair structural damage to some buildings, will those be able to be beamed as they are not biological, or will they need to be shuttled in?

And, will there be secondary away teams on the planet, or just the one? The secondary teams might not need to be specifically named, but present for convenience if needed in the mission.

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:24 pm
by Kersare
Will do.

I think we could go either way with the larger objects - not biological so they could be beamed down (though I suppose if there's interference there's still a chance they could get damaged?) or shuttled in.

I envisioned this as more a large away team that'll split into 2 or 3 groups. For instance, the Doc doesn't need to be with the engineers/Ops. So Med can go with a security escort to do their thing, Engr/Ops can go with a sec escort to do theirs, and there could be a 3rd break off group too if wanted/needed.

Re: Mission 25 Discussion (Lady of the Valley)

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:22 pm
by Kersare
Current character places:

On the Mali:
Captain Kersare
Lt Cmdr Darvetti (PNPC Kersare)
Lt T'Koll
Ens Ba'el (PNPC Korath)

Colony Undercover:
Lt Turren (PNPC Kersare)

Colony Gov Office:
Colony Governor Savin (NPC Kersare)
Lt Cmdr Korath
Colony Gov Aide Dirth (NPC Quinn)
Colony Chief Sec Lt Cmdr Volkov (NPC T'Koll)

Colony Medical:
Colony Lt Gov Eteke (NPC Kersare - could be someone else though)
Cmdr Fala (PNPC Kersare)
Lt JG Toren (PNPC Tournneau)
Colony Doctor - ???? (NPC)

Colony Engr Office/HQ:
Lt Cmdr Tournneau
Colony Chief Engr Lt Torik (NPC Tournneau)
Lt Beladd (PNPC Tournneau)
Lt Greyman (PNPC Kersare)

Colony exploring:
Ens Quinn

Unassigned (could be exploring the colony or with one of the Colony groups) - someone could offer to play one of our NPCs, just check with the Department Head or myself first please. :)
2 - Sec/Tac officers
2 - Engr/Ops officers
1 - Med officer
Colony Chief Scientist - ??? (Not currently named or being played by anyone)