Kinkaid - Any Port In A Storm

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Kinkaid - Any Port In A Storm

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[[Outpost 8013 –1027 - 2391]]

Kinkaid and Martin both wore breather masks to help them survive in the suddenly low-oxygen environment in which they found themselves. Martin, an ensign in Engineering, was terrified of running out of oxygen – but he wasn’t thinking terribly clearly. Douglas had more experience, knew that that the real threat wasn’t a lack of oxygen – it was freezing to death.

Thus far the two men had suffered a series of increasingly ill-favored events. The first had been immediately upon their entrance into the recreation area; the door had closed properly, but the sealing mechanism had failed, locking them in. That wouldn’t have posed such a terrible issue had not a primary power relay overloaded several minutes later, causing a small explosion. The explosion had done no harm to the two men, but Ops had reported the Outpost was outgassing – from the recreation area. That was a problem. The transporters were offline, undergoing maintenance that would continue for several hours more at least.

“Calm down,” Cade ordered the ensign. “We have plenty of air left.” He didn’t mention his concerns regarding the temperature. “See if you can find our leak.”

“Yessir.” The engineer set out with his tricorder, attempting to track down their problem.

For his part Cade tapped his badge. “Kinkaid to Ops. How’s it coming out there?”

There was a moment of silence before he received his response. “No change, lieutenant.” Cade recognized AOPS Novak’s voice. The man was a skilled operations officer and would one day command his own department. Soon, most likely. “I’m trying to get the transporters online, but it’s going to take at least two more hours. Long is working on the doors but...” He trailed off.

“I understand, ensign. What about the heat here in Rec? It’s getting chilly.”

“Yes, sir. We’re working on it. When the relay overloaded we lost subsystems across the station.” Cade could hear the grimace in Novak’s voice. “Medical is reporting power fluctuations, sir. We’re-“

Douglas glanced over at Ensign Martin who was struggling with a computer console. He grimaced. “Medical comes first, Novak. Get them taken care of.” After a moment’s hesitation he added, “Keep an eye on the temperature gauge in here though. It’s going to get frosty quick.”

“Aye, sir.”

Novak cut the connection and Douglas moved to help Martin. “Bad news?” the younger man asked upon his arrival.

“Not good,” Douglas admitted. “We’re on our own for the moment. What did you find?”

Martin frowned at the update but didn’t speak to it. Instead he answered, “This console still has some power running to it. I’m hoping we can use that power to generate some heat. It won’t make much but it might be enough to keep us from freezing.” Douglas nodded at that. Any port in a storm, he supposed.
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