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Quinn - New York, New York

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OFF: This is an expansion of the "Sample Post" from my Simm application, as I'd wanted it to count in the Malinche's "canon" continuity. Huzzah!


<< USS New York - Bridge, January 29 2393: 0937 hours >>

Elle took a deep breath. Her first few weeks as primary conn officer on the New York had been rife with conflict. The change in hours from relief flight controller duty had not suited her as well as she claimed it would. But how else would she see the "light of day," so to speak. How else would she make good on the promise she showed at the Academy? Certainly not by trundling along at impulse power in the dead of night while Captain Wright and company slept, that much she knew. Then, as though to prove the point, Wright decided that if that ship in distress (and any of its crew) were to be saved, a skilled — but expendable? — helmsman "like Ensign Quinn" should beam aboard to help guide the DeForrest Kelly to safety.

The Miranda-Class starship on the viewscreen ahead floated listlessly — lifelessly? For the sake of any survivors aboard, Elle hoped the latter was not yet true. Earlier that morning, the New York had intercepted fragments of a desperate distress call, but had heard no follow-up in the hours since. And so, here she was — "Aye, sir!" — nodding dutifully at Captain Wright, as she left the bridge to rendezvous with Security personnel of the Away Team already making ready to beam over.

<< USS New York - Transporter Room 1, 0944 hours >>

Elle's hand nervously fidgeted with her phaser already. A fan of the Earth's early 21st century so-called "indie-pop" music, Elle had had MGMT's "Electric Feel" stuck in her head since the far-too-early morning, and she could not resist tapping out the rhythm of its 6/4 time signature — on the holstered handgrip of a weapon she had yet to fire in a live combat situation.

<< USS DeForrest Kelly - Main Engineering, 0944 hours >>

And in moments, they were there. The corridor was dark. And Elle slept with a nightlight on. She laughed to herself, at the thought's sudden intrusion. It was almost true. She'd grown so accustomed to falling asleep only at sunrise, that the darkness now felt more comfortable somehow. She took one careful step forward. Then another. And another still. Her comrades' voices receded into the distance, and she found herself many meters away before even realizing it. While Rojo and Camisa scanned anew for the life signs they had picked up earlier, Elle squinted into the darkness... and listened instead.

Then she heard something. A cry. A moan maybe? If she didn't know better, it almost sounded like... a warning.


Ensign Saoirse "Elle" Quinn
Flight Control Officer
USS Malinche NCC-38997-A

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