Medical Database

Welcome to the Medical Database. Here you will be able to find information on drugs and medical equipment.

-Medical Drugs
-Medical Equipment

Mirror Universe

This version of the Mirror Universe was developed by Captain Isabel Kersare of the USS Malinche and Lieutenant Commander Todd Peters, formerly of the USS Malinche. It was initially based on canonical information and the following Star Trek Novels: Glass Empires, Obsidian Alliances, Shards & Shadows, and The Sorrows of Empire.

StarFleet Rank System

Here you will find information on StarFleet's rank system, including Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Enlisted Officers, and Cadets. Also included is information regarding rank structure and a rank experience comparison.

-StarFleet Rank Structure
-Officer Ranks and Ratings
-Warrant Officer Ranks and Ratings
-Non-Commissioned Officer (Enlisted) Ranks and Ratings
-Cadet Ranks and Ratings
-Rank Experience Chart

USS Malinche Guidelines

Here you'll find the various policies, guidelines, and requirements for the USS Malinche. Included are the following:

-Simm Rules
-Initial Rank Determination
-Post Writing Guide
-Posting Requirements
-LOA Policy

USS Malinche Reference

Check the USS Malinche Reference for supplemental information regarding the ship.

-Deck Listing
-Bridge Layout
-Auxiliary Craft

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