Current Mission
Mission 24: Nanoprobes Killed Outpost Beta 12
When Federation Outpost Beta 12 near the Romulan border goes silent, the Malinche is sent to investigate, despite still not having some key positions filled. When they find evidence of technology taking over the station, will they be able to stop it?
Started: 4 Mar 2018

Previous Missions
Mission Name Synopsis
Mission 23 - Back For More After a couple years of less exciting missions yet perhaps more puzzles, the Malinche returns to the Sol System to drop off researchers and receive freshly transferred crew.
Started: Ended:
3 Jan 2018 2 Apr 2018

Mission 22 - Getting Reaquainted Following a two month patrol, being reassigned to a new fleet, and a ten month refit at DS9, the Malinche is prepped for her returning and new crew.
Started: Ended:
23 Aug 2016 3 Jan 2018

Mission 21 - Bad Medicine The Malinche is tasked with taking a group of doctors to Betazed for a conference. When one of them winds up dead, the Malinche crew must race to find out who killed the doctor before their arrival at Betazed.
Started: Ended:
18 Jul 2013 23 Aug 2016

Mission 20 - Answers Having returned to the their own time, the Malinche is now docked at Earth Spacedock. The crew will have to provide answers about their foray into the 20th century and some of them may receive answers to other questions they did not expect...
Started: Ended:
16 May 2013 1 Sep 2013

Mission 19 - Another Voyage Home Captain Kersare is visited by a Temporal Agent and is told that the fate of the Federation rests in her hands. After preventing the Malinche from being sabotaged, the crew find themselves in Earth's past racing to stop Romulans from interfering with the SS Bounty's mission.
Started: Ended:
12 Jul 2011 16 May 2013

Mission 18 - Putting the Pieces Together Heavily damaged, the Malinche arrives at Starbase 422 to report on their encounter with Mirror Universe vessels and transfer custody of Glinn Roen. Crew transfers abound as the Malinche undergoes repairs.
Started: Ended:
28 Jan 2011 30 Sep 2011

Mission 17 - Inferno's Light Initially sent to patrol the Cardassian Border, the Malinche crew is diverted to Athos III when contact is lost with the colony, which is near the edge of the Badlands. Finding the colony destroyed, the Malinche must work fast to determine what happened when ships with an unusual signature appear...
Started: Ended:
2 Jun 2010 1 Jul 2011

Mission 16 - The Waiting Game After a standoff with the Elyshans at Starbase 386, the Malinche crew is asked to remain in the area in case the Elyshans return while awaiting orders for their next mission.
Started: Ended:
19 Apr 2010 10 Jul 2010

Mission 15 - Be Wary Of Your Friends (JM with Starbase 386 & USS Orlando) The Malinche is asked to assist the SB 386 personnel with the Taevon Summit, specifically the RSE delegate whom they escorted. Will there be an assassination attempt or some other form of trouble?
Started: Ended:
1 Jan 2010 6 May 2010

Mission 14 - Do As The Romulans Do With the Taevon Summit scheduled to begin on Starbase 386, the USS Malinche is sent to rendezvous with the IRW Revok near the Romulan Neutral Zone. From there, they will escort the D'deridex class vessel, carrying the Romulan Star Empire's delegate, Senator Vrenick, to the Summit. What could go wrong?
Started: Ended:
3 Nov 2009 1 Jan 2010

Mission 13: Take a Little Time Having delivered medical supplies to Ivor Prime, the Malinche crew takes some time for shoreleave - visiting the colony and planet.
Started: Ended:
9 Oct 2009 30 Nov 2009

Mission 12: When In Rome (12.3 Who Ya Gonna Call?) After the incident near the asteroid field, some crewmembers report having headaches and memory loss. When some crew start exhibiting odd behavior and hidden programs are found, the rest of the crew must figure out what's going on before it's too late...
Started: Ended:
31 Mar 2009 9 Oct 2009

Mission 12: When In Rome (12.2 A Bump In The Night) On their journey through the Taevon Expanse, the Malinche passes an asteroid field. The ship's systems go on the fritz, but why? And what will happen once they're restored?
Started: Ended:
22 Jan 2009 31 Mar 2009

Mission 12: When In Rome (12.1 A Small Detour) The USS Malinche is sent from Starbase 386 to deliver medical supplies to Ivor Prime. On their way, severe ion storms are detected, forcing them into the Taevon Expanse.
Started: Ended:
20 Nov 2008 22 Jan 2009

Mission 11: Lost and Found Shoreleave Following the destruction of the USS Sentinel, the Malinche escorts the USS Sirion (now inhabited by the former Sentinel crew) to Starbase 386 for repairs and shoreleave. The crew must now deal with the deaths and assimilations of crewmembers, and Isabel deals with her feelings on her husband whom the crew has rescued from the Borg.
Started: Ended:
30 Sep 2008 20 Nov 2008

Mission 10: Lost and Found (JM with USS Sentinel) The USS Malinche and USS Sentinel have been dispatched to search for the missing USS Sirion, which, based on what the Malinche saw, was likely attacked by a Borg sphere. With reports of Borg in the area, their mission is all the more dangerous. What will they find?
Started: Ended:
8 Jul 2007 30 Sep 2008

Mission 9: Blood and Iron The Malinche docks at Starbase 259 for shoreleave to receive new blood in the form of crew members and some extra iron. A crewmember`s trial due to insubordination during the previous mission ends in death.
Started: Ended:
26 Nov 2006 8 Jul 2007

Mission 8: You Can`t Judge a Planet By Its Dilithium The USS Sirion was investigating impacts of dilithium mining on Direidi, a planet full of mischevious inhabitants. When contact with the ship is lost, the USS Malinche is sent to find it and its crew. One thing is certain - the Direidians will make this mission a true adventure, full of fun and insanity!
Started: Ended:
9 Apr 2006 26 Nov 2006

Mission 7: Once Upon a Starbase Following the events on Celtron V, the Malinche crew goes to Starbase 10 for repairs, crew transfers, and some fun.
Started: Ended:
9 Mar 2006 9 Apr 2006

Mission 6: A Walk in the Park While the Malinche crew is on Shoreleave on Celtron V, they are sent to investigate rumors of trouble. With recent tensions, chances aren't it won't be a simple walk in the park. What will they discover?
Started: Ended:
6 Nov 2005 9 Mar 2006

Mission 5: Future Horizons A Civil War is about to break out on Celtron V between the So'Kra and To'Ma regarding the use of the Celtronian wormhole. With the two factions ready for war and a High Council Member kidnapped, can the Malinche negotiate peace?
Started: Ended:
4 Apr 2005 6 Nov 2005

Mission 4: Deep and Dark Shoreleave Following questionable actions by the Malinche's Chief Intelligence and Chief Strategic Operations Officers, seemingly against the Marans, a board of inquiry is convened on Earth. The Malinche head back to Earth for the trial and some shoreleave.
Started: Ended:
4 Mar 2005 4 Apr 2005

Mission 3: Deep and Dark When a scout ship crash lands on Maran and odd deaths start occurring, the Malinche is sent to investigate. Much to their surprise, the Klingons and Cardassians are there as well. In the end, the three work together to solve the mystery.
Started: Ended:
4 Jan 2005 4 Mar 2005

Mission 2: Redemption (TFJM) During a training mission, the USS Defender is to respond to a distress call scenario in Sector 1021. When the MSS Davion's systems act erratically and explodes, three government leaders from an unsurveyed planet in the sector witness the event. Several ships from Task Force 9 are sent to investigate the incident and make first contact with those on the planet.
Started: Ended:
4 Sep 2004 4 Jan 2005

Mission 1: Out of Reach When several StarFleet Officers are taken hostage by rogue factions, the Malinche must find out who the rogue factions are working for, where they have taken the officers, and mount a rescue operation. First stop, Brent Nacile Outpost, Gamma Quadrant - the last place any of the Officers was seen.
Started: Ended:
21 Jul 2004 4 Sep 2004

Mission 0: Getting Acquainted The Malinche's first shoreleave and Isabel Kersare's first command. The crew arrives at Deep Space 14 and takes the time to get to know each other there and on Altor II before starting out on their first official mission.
Started: Ended:
8 Jul 2004 21 Jul 2004